Introducing ThoughtStretchers Education Community: A Sanctuary for Nuanced Conversations and Positive Outcomes

Jan 2, 2024 | Shift

Introducing ThoughtStretchers Education Community: A Sanctuary for Nuanced Conversations and Positive Outcomes

by Drew Perkins, Director of ThoughtStretchers Education

In an era dominated by polarizing narratives and escalating noise, the need for a community committed to fostering understanding, critical thinking, and improved educational outcomes has never been more urgent. It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of the ThoughtStretchers Education Community—a haven for individuals seeking nuanced perspectives and collaborative solutions in education and an escape from the toxicity of ‘regular’ social media platforms.

Join the Community!

Education often finds itself at the crossroads of conflicting ideologies, hindering progress and impeding the search for effective solutions. ThoughtStretchers Community, an extension of our professional development work here, aims to counter this trend by providing a reality-based community where complexity is celebrated, and diverse opinions are valued. We invite you to join this intellectual journey towards better education for all.

Why ThoughtStretchers?

In a world where extreme voices drown out rational discourse, the ThoughtStretchers Community stands as a beacon for those who yearn for a more pluralistic approach. Our community seeks to break through the noise with the following key features:

  1. Private Social-Media Style Feed: Engage in meaningful conversations through our private social-media style feed. Connect with like-minded individuals in Groups and Forums dedicated to various educational topics.
  2. Events with Impact: ThoughtStretchers will go beyond a mere social media experience by organizing events featuring guest speakers, expert panels, and salon-style discussions. Immerse yourself in insightful dialogues that transcend the limitations of online interaction.
  3. Advocacy for Objective Pluralism: ThoughtStretchers is not just a community; it’s a movement. We advocate for the application of objective pluralism in education and work with schools to build capacity, recognizing the importance of diverse perspectives in shaping a comprehensive and inclusive learning environment.


By signing up for ThoughtStretchers, you can give voice along with the more sensible majority that values critical thinking, inquiry, and problem-solving over divisive rhetoric. Together, we can engage in better conversation and professional learning.

Let’s Stretch Our Thinking Together!

At ThoughtStretchers, we believe in relentless advocacy for approaching crucial educational problems with the principles of classical liberalism—the very ideals upon which our democratic society thrives. Join us in reclaiming the ‘conversations’ and reshaping the narrative surrounding education.

Be a part of a community committed to elevating the discourse, breaking down barriers, and ultimately enhancing educational outcomes for all.

Sign up now and be a ThoughtStretcher! Together, let’s make a lasting impact on education.


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