Study Shows Blue Denim Makes Great Teaching And Learning Unlikely

May 15, 2017 | Fun

Study Shows Blue Denim Makes Great Teaching And Learning Unlikely

by Drew Perkins, Director of ThoughtStretchers Education

I’m not sure when the powers that be decided that blue denim pants were unacceptable for teachers in all but the most patronizing of situations but clearly it must be tied to solid research showing at least a slight correlation to reduced effectiveness of teaching and learning, right?

Look, I understand that students need to know and understand that the role of teaching is that of a professional but if the adult in the room isn’t able to convey that in their behavior and demeanor then I doubt their choice of fabric covering their legs is going to do the trick.

Nothing says, “you’re a professional” more than someone doling out “jeans day” rewards to the very people who are entrusted to lead our children’s thinking and learning like pieces of candy to kids after Easter so they don’t make themselves sick. And if jeans are a hindrance to great teaching and learning does that mean that expectations are lowered on “jeans day”?

This is symbolism over substance. It irritated me when I was a teacher and it irritates me now. I think we can all agree that pants do not make the teacher and being told when you can or can’t wear jeans to school is patronizing, condescending and demeans the professionalism of teachers everywhere.

I don’t know who created the cartoon image but I would love to credit them for creating a fine bit of satire.

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    So relevant in lockdown denim jumpsuit. 😊💕


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