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Mar 15, 2024 | PBL

7 Reasons To Attend ThoughtStretchers Education PBL Grow 24

by Drew Perkins, Director of ThoughtStretchers Education

This summer, ThoughtStretchers Education is excited to once again our fifth annual open-registration conference event, PBL Grow 24!

We started this PBL summer conference in 2017 to meet the increasing demand from individuals and groups around the world for an innovative, engaging, and powerful convergence of professional learning. COVID-19 put us on a hiatus for a few years but in 2023 we were thrilled to resume and look forward to continuing to build upon previous years with a unique venue and refinements to make your learning more impactful.

We tend to think about education differently and our work with you during these three days will reflect that. Set in a remarkable space with a unique keynote (TBA) your innovative and creative juices will be flowing as we take a deep dive into project based learning!

Here are just a few reasons why you should join us!

1. Push your thinking and refine your PBL teaching craft as we provide engaging opportunities for deeper learning while you build a project to implement in your classroom using these 7 Steps To Plan Project Based Learning.

2. Learn how to engage students in Rich Inquiry to shift to pulling, rather than pushing, learning authentically through project-based learning.

3. Gain clarity on the 5 Phases of Project Based Learning from the planning phase to reflection.

4. Explore the false binary behind the question of PBL Or Direct/Explicit Instruction, What Works?

5. Engage in evidence-based research regarding PBL effectiveness to help you design scaffolding and assessment practices that work.

6. Meet and connect with interesting and like-minded professionals from around the world.

7. Experience some of the best Louisville, KY has to offer including Churchill Downs, the Muhammad Ali CenterBourbon, Louisville Slugger, and of course our venue, Lynn Family Stadium.

And much, much more! 

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