Healthy Growth Mindset Lessons From 13 Year Old AGT Winner Grace VanderWaal

We love the Growth Mindset thinking in this video by and about America’s Got Talent winner Grace VanderWaal!

The idea that you can be perfect or have to be the best is unrealistic and self-defeating but you can always grow to be your best and the world becomes more perfect.

We’re not sure what’s more powerful here, Grace’s musical talent or her wisdom.

Enjoy the ride, your own journey, and keep growing!


  1. Robert Downey

    Really nothing to add to this. Grace said it all, openly, honestly, with her signature heartfelt conviction.

  2. Bertel Westermark

    Grace! You are so vice! This is what it is all about. You can never be the best. Tomorrow someone will be better. Why don´t face the fact and be as good as you can. Do not compare people because it will not give us anything. Your attitude Grace fills my heart with confidence. There is still hope for a better future! Be our leader, we need you!


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