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Course Content
  • N Project-based learning design and planning
  • N Scaffolding and assessment in PBL
  • N Project implementation and management

Course Curriculum

Welcome and Orientation

  • Welcome and Orientation
  • Quiz: Welcome and Orientation

Why PBL?
What outcomes can PBL help us achieve?

What is PBL?
How do we define project-based learning? How are 'projects' different from PBL?

Deeper Learning through ‘Rich Inquiry’
How do we move PBL to deeper learning with the concept of rich inquiry and 'pull teaching'?

The ThoughtStretchers PBL Model
What are the elements of the ThoughtStretchers Education PBL Model and how do they work?

The 5 Phases of PBL
What are the basic 5 phases of project-based learning?

Driving Questions
What are the elements of effective Driving Questions?

Scaffolding for Surface, Deep, & Transfer Learning
How do we intentionally plan our teaching to scaffold learning for students?

Balancing Assessments
How do we balance and align our assessments in PBL to check for understanding and quality of groups and individuals, process and product, and knowledge and skills?

Peer Critique
How can we leverage the peer critique process to grow critical thinking and better quality products?

Single-Point Rubrics
How can single-point rubrics, with qualitative language, help grow critical thinking and inquiry?

Engaging Students in PBL
How do we hook and hold student engagement, both behavioral and cognitive?

Teaching Or Facilitating?
How do we balance the process of facilitating with more traditional teaching in PBL?

Student and Group Accountability
How do we help students manage autonomy and hold them accountable as individuals and groups?

Conclusion and Next Steps
What are your next steps? Implementing a project? A coaching conversation? Connecting with others in our ThoughtStretchers Education Community?

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•You will have access to the course for 6 weeks from the date of purchase.

•Certificate of completion available upon request.

•If you need to pay by purchase order or have questions please email courses@thoughtstretchers.org.

Material Includes

  • N ThoughtStretchers Education PBL Planning Documents

Best For

  • N individual teachers and leaders or small groups
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ThoughtStretchers Education Podcast

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