Does your leadership empower stakeholders to pull towards a collective vision?

The teachers were inspired and ready to begin the year with one PBL unit in place. They thanked me for a workshop with meaning, structure, and support for innovative teaching that was useful for them in the classroom. We all absolutely loved Kris!!! I can't thank you all enough for providing such an amazing presenter! I can't wait to see all this hard work from our teachers translate into the classroom experience. Again, a big shout out for Kris and the TeachThought team. You definitely helped our teachers grow!!!

-Janet Jenkins, Director of General Studies

Thank you for changing the way I teach!

-Jana McCarthy, elementary teacher

Thank you so much for giving us (the teachers) the tools to make real education happen! Finally!

-Amy Guier, middle school english teacher

This is a must-attend workshop. It really changed my perspective on what exactly I should be teaching through my content.

-Philip Ellis, high school science teacher

We were constantly engaged in group activities and discussion/dialogue. Excellent trainer with a lot of knowledge and understanding about PBL, it took me out of my comfort zone!

-Shafaq Imran, teacher

Thank you very much. I have a new "light" on how to get my students to think on their own and at a deeper level.

-Morgan Payton, middle school ELA teacher

The content is excellent and the presenter was highly effective.

-Jim Whitaker, high school social studies teacher

This is effective and worthwhile professional development.

-Emilie Clemmens, math teacher and curriculum coordinator

I enjoyed the workshop. I am able to use what I learned in my classroom!

-Tonya Jones, elementary teacher

Well designed learning presentations and activities...wonderful enriching learning activity.

-Marlene Burek, Manager of Special Education

Fantastic job facilitating a super helpful workshop. I hope to have an opportunity to attend a TeachThought PD again soon!

-Leann Turner, agriculture sciences teacher

Excellent training, built confidence in teachers to further become facilitators of student learning!

-Ron Lockhart, high school math teacher

I found this to be more informative and useful than any other PD I've participated in.

-Deborah Shirley, Elementary Teacher

All feedback from my teacher was positive. She reported that the articles John sent were informative, the conversation was both clarifying and insightful, and the strategies were immediately useful. This is all great news! I have reported back to my administrative team and recommended that we keep Virtual Coaching in mind as we finish up our end of year evaluation conversations.

-Heather Bishop, Language & Literacy Department Chair

Our expertise and experience helps you grow your leadership to match your mission.
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Creating Digital Workflow for Efficiency and Transparency

One Day Workshop – For School and District Leaders

During this high energy workshop led by Heather Warrell, participants will discover how to vastly increase their team’s efficiency and transparency by using digital tools to create digital workflow. They will also experience the story of how Heather’s former administrative team strategically nurtured a school culture that inspired their teachers to embrace digital tools allowing for her school to rapidly grow and succeed.  


Participants will explore Google Tools to increase collaboration and efficiency for:

  1.    Instructional coaching, feedback, and evaluation systems.
  2.    Strategic planning systems at the district and school level.
  3.    Leading efficient principal meetings.
  4.    Creating “Living” calendars, meeting agendas, and newsletters.
  5.    Common assessment data tracking.
  6.    Creating a digital infrastructure.
  7.    And so much more!

Heather will also teach participants step-by-step how to begin using Google Drive and Google Tools in order to develop 1-2 new digital workflow systems during the workshop.

In order to participate, all participants will need to have a Google For Edu account prior to the workshop. Most importantly, this is a heads, hearts, and hands-on training so participants will need to bring a laptop-style device with them.

Get ready to work smarter not harder!  YES.

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PD Alignment and Refinement Planning

One Day Workshop

PD Alignment and Refinement CycleUsing an inquiry approach participants will refine and clarify their district or school purpose and vision by creating a Mission Question. Using this approach leaders will develop a deeper understanding of what leaders and all community stakeholders need to know and do in order to meet this challenge. With clarity around the Mission/Purpose and Vision participants will begin the alignment of their PD Actions with tools and processes to critique and revise where necessary. Participants will leave with a school or district professional development plan that includes teacher voice and buy-in and is sustainable.

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Technology Integration into International Baccalaureate

One Day Workshop

International_Baccalaureate_logoHighlight best practices for technology innovation and program support for each of the three programs in the IB Continuum (PYP, MYP, DP) . We will start with technology infused inquiry in the PYP and finish with content centric learning with technology in the DP. All strategies and suggestions, will be based in the ISTE standards. Takeaway – Talk about the major leverage points within IB programs for utilizing technology to improve teaching and learning *This workshop is led by Dr. Matt Harris, current Chair of the Board of Directors for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), who in February, 2015, sat on a committee working directly with the IB in The Hague on mapping technology skills, curriculum, and standards with all three programs of the IB Continuum (PYP, MYP, DP).

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Building Learning Leadership in Schools through the ISTE Standards

 One Day Workshop

What does it mean to be a learning leader in modern schools? Digital content, mass communication, evolving student needs, and shifting role of teachers means that administrators need be at the forefront of learning in their schools. In this session, we use the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) Administrator standards to focus in on the skills, attitudes, and actions needed to be a learning leader. We cover both the standards based theory and actual application within schools and districts. This session is design for existing or emerging leaders looking to hone their leadership skills and actions within a technology infused learning environment we find in most schools today.

Takeaway – Methods and metrics for using the ISTE standards to evaluate and develop school or district leadership.

*This workshop is led by Dr. Matt Harris, former Chair of the Board of Directors for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

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What does it take to be an EdTech Leader?

One Day Workshop

Drawing upon what I call the Tenets of Educational Technology Leadership, we delve deep into the skills and competencies EdTech leaders need to be success in site based or district level leadership. We will talk about Leadership, Management, Information Technology, Educational Technology, System Thinking, and Professional Learner as the basis of our investigation of EdTech Leadership. This workshop is intended for a) those interested in becoming EdTech leaders, b) those already in positions of leadership, and c) administrators in schools and districts looking to evaluate or improve their EdTech leaders.

Takeaway – An understanding of the tenets of educational technology leadership useful for emerging leaders, existing leaders, or schools looking to hire or develop staff. A self assessment is included for participants to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses.

*This workshop is led by Dr. Matt Harris, former Chair of the Board of Directors for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

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Change Management and Knowledge Retention in Schools

One Day Workshop

We will look change management techniques that focus on identifying and documenting the critical information, personnel, and processes needed to ensure continued success in school. This will help participants focus on the three key elements of programmatic knowledge:

  • Essential information
  • Resources and connections
  • Experience

We will draw upon change theory and school leadership practice as a means of identifying procedures for all members of staff. These procedures will contextualize and operationalize educational change management theory into knowledge retention practices that can be implemented at all levels of a school from individual teachers to senior leadership. Participants will engage in small group reflection on key concepts and work collaboratively to plan knowledge retention programs in their own class/school/team. Takeaway – Clear process and resources needed to develop an in-house knowledge retention program.

*This workshop is led by Dr. Matt Harris, former Chair of the Board of Directors for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

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BYOD with an international twist

One Day Workshop

BYOD has inherent challenges tied to its non-standardized platforms and student owned machines that have to be considered in everything from pedagogy to budgeting to program administration. At an international school, these challenges are only the beginning. For example, the German European School in Singapore has children from over 40 nations, speaking a number of languages, involved in one of two national/international curricula, and covering up to 4 different mother tongue language programs. We must think about challenges related to location, language, culture, and much more. In this workshop, you’ll discuss these challenges in the global context and tie them back to BYOD in single nations or regions.

*This workshop is led by Dr. Matt Harris, former Chair of the Board of Directors for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

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Global School: A Video Conferencing/Online Hybrid Classroom

One Day Workshop

In this session, we will investigate a case study of a blended classroom environment where students in two SE Asia countries attend classes using video conferencing and online learning. This Global School project has extended high school level instruction to a remote part of Thailand where students sit in classes, take exams, and interact with teachers and peers as if they were in the room with them. We’ll look at the technical set up, the evolution of the project, and the pedagogy and curriculum of teaching a real-time blended classroom. From here, participants will learn about the programs projected growth and its opportunities for expanding access to real time synchronized learning all over the world. Takeaway – A reproducible video conferencing program that could be implemented at a school or district level

*This workshop is led by Dr. Matt Harris, former Chair of the Board of Directors for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

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