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Does your PD partner personalize for craftsmanship while maximizing your funding?

We believe that professional development is hungry for innovation and should be a personalized partnershipaffordable to allow for the kind of relationship that fosters quality work. Less than interested in cookie-cutter and “drive-by PD,” we’re seeking to partner our expertise with yours to grow sustainable capacity by creatively combining elements like on-site workshops with online blended learning and virtual office hours.

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Director of TeachThought PD, Drew Perkins

Our Mission Question:

How can we help teachers and schools innovate and grow their practice to better prepare students for the modern world?

We create professional learning that:

  • is relevant to your context
  • helps you plan and improve instruction
  • is driven by educators and your questions
  • includes hands-on strategies
  • is highly interactive
  • is sustained over time
  • recognizes that educators are professionals with valuable insights

Building on the TeachThought ethos that educators around the world have come to know and trust we operate as a thought partner to clarify purpose and vision and align (y)our PD accordingly.  We’re innovative, affordable, agile and help you grow in ways that push the traditional mold of yesterday’s professional development.

Our Expertise

TeachThought PD utilizes experience from our global network of consultants to personalize professional development relationships.

What they say about us.

…your presentation style was referred to for examples of clear communication, preparedness, being purposeful, etc. Thanks for modeling not only PBL but effective practices that the teachers and I can use when interacting with each other, students and parents!

Instructional Coach

Drew is obviously very knowledgeable about teaching practices and how to best meet the needs of children. It almost makes me regret that he has left the classroom, except for the opportunity he has now given me to incorporate PBL into my own classroom practices.

HS teacher

It indeed was an enriching experience for our staff and we walked away with many useful ideas that Jill helped us understand and we will be able to implement them in our practices. We appreciate your and Jill’s efforts to make this a personalized and useful session for us.

Section Head

Thank you so much for giving us (the teachers) the tools to make real education happen! Finally!

MS English teacher

Thank you for changing the way I teach!

Elem teacher

An “I had to be here” day became an enlightening, enjoyable, and thought-provoking Day 1 of PBL! Thanks!!

Elem teacher

The teachers were inspired and ready to begin the year with one PBL unit in place. They thanked me for a workshop with meaning, structure, and support for innovative teaching that was useful for them in the classroom.  We all absolutely loved Kris!!!  I can’t thank you all enough for providing such an amazing presenter!  I can’t wait to see all this hard work from our teachers translate into the classroom experience. Again a  big shout out for Kris and the TeachThought team.  You definitely helped our teachers grow!!!

Director of General Studies

Excellent training, built confidence in teachers to further become facilitators of student learning! Provided real practice of PBL which will increase likelihood of continued use in the classroom. Great collaboration between teachers in all schools.

K-8 Administrator

…the students showed some very significant growth.  One class had 83% Novice at the beginning of the year, and now it’s just 33%!!!  I am really proud of that number.  I had a few students jump from the lowest rung to the top.  I really, really, really feel like a lot of this can be attributed to PBL.  I’m not doing excellent PBL in any sense of the word, but just changing up my methodology and this new perspective has made a huge difference.  I look forward to reflecting over the summer and making my class even more PBL centered. There’s no telling how much growth they will show once I get better at this!

HS teacher

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