Project-Based Learning Workshops

Grow deeper thinking and learning and a culture of creating and contributing through rich inquiry!

Tech Integration Workshops

Build capacity around great pedagogy to grow learning by finding the best Edtech to fit your purpose!

Differentiation Workshops

Learn and use the six elements of differentiation: Content, Process, Product, Readiness, Interests and Learning Preferences to meet the needs of all students!

Inquiry Workshops

Lead your learners by increasing effective questioning by both teachers and students!

Growth Mindset Workshops

Develop and apply a growth mindset in yourself and your students through the lens of Bloom’s taxonomy!

Assessment Workshops

Create engaging assessments, practical formative strategies, and learn how to assess instead of just grade!

Literacy Workshops

Empower students through authentic reading, writing, speaking, and listening!

Design Thinking Workshops

Empower your students and staff to innovate and collaboratively solve problems!

PD Alignment and Refinement

Align and refine your professional development mission and vision through the lens of inquiry!

The teachers were inspired and ready to begin the year with one PBL unit in place. They thanked me for a workshop with meaning, structure, and support for innovative teaching that was useful for them in the classroom. We all absolutely loved Kris!!! I can't thank you all enough for providing such an amazing presenter! I can't wait to see all this hard work from our teachers translate into the classroom experience. Again, a big shout out for Kris and the TeachThought team. You definitely helped our teachers grow!!!

-Janet Jenkins, Director of General Studies

Thank you for changing the way I teach!

-Jana McCarthy, elementary teacher

Thank you so much for giving us (the teachers) the tools to make real education happen! Finally!

-Amy Guier, middle school english teacher

This is a must-attend workshop. It really changed my perspective on what exactly I should be teaching through my content.

-Philip Ellis, high school science teacher

We were constantly engaged in group activities and discussion/dialogue. Excellent trainer with a lot of knowledge and understanding about PBL, it took me out of my comfort zone!

-Shafaq Imran, teacher

Thank you very much. I have a new "light" on how to get my students to think on their own and at a deeper level.

-Morgan Payton, middle school ELA teacher

The content is excellent and the presenter was highly effective.

-Jim Whitaker, high school social studies teacher

This is effective and worthwhile professional development.

-Emilie Clemmens, math teacher and curriculum coordinator

I enjoyed the workshop. I am able to use what I learned in my classroom!

-Tonya Jones, elementary teacher

Well designed learning presentations and activities...wonderful enriching learning activity.

-Marlene Burek, Manager of Special Education

Fantastic job facilitating a super helpful workshop. I hope to have an opportunity to attend a TeachThought PD again soon!

-Leann Turner, agriculture sciences teacher

Excellent training, built confidence in teachers to further become facilitators of student learning!

-Ron Lockhart, high school math teacher

I found this to be more informative and useful than any other PD I've participated in.

-Deborah Shirley, Elementary Teacher


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