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Are your students building skills for the modern world through deeper learning?

Our workshops help you build rich authentic learning experiences to empower students.

Foundations of PBL Workshop Options:

3 Day On-Site Workshop

Teachers learn how to design quality PBL, build in meaningful assessment and strategies for management through creation of a project for implementation in their classroom.

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2 Day On-Site Workshop

Teachers learn how to design quality PBL and build in meaningful assessment while creating a project for implementation in their classroom.

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1 Day On-Site Workshop

Learn the basics of PBL and how it can help you and your school move students from consumers to creators to contributors.

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Blended/Flipped Approach

Teachers engage in a 6-8 hour asynchronous–but facilitator supported–online course prior to attending a 2 day on-site workshop. This approach allows the 2 days to focus more on work time and individual or small-group coaching.

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Grow student thinking and learning that is aligned with your content standards and/or skills with the TeachThought PBL Model.  Our world-class PBL Facilitators have experience and expertise in Elementary, Middle, High School and post-secondary and will tailor the PBL workshop to focus on your needs like:

  • Global/International studies
  • Arts infused
  • Technology Integration
  • Design Thinking
  • Differentiation and more

Our compelling and affordable Foundations of PBL workshops are a great starting point for schools on the journey to implementing high quality inquiry based, constructivist teaching and learning. Already have a foundation of PBL and needing to refine your work? Our Advanced, Leadership and Coaching, and Continued Growth and Support Workshops can help you achieve real and transformational shift.

Advanced • Leadership & Coaching • Continued Growth & Support Options:

District Partnership Innovation – Sustainably innovate and transform your school(s) with a multi-year plan that aligns with your Mission/Purpose and Vision and includes expertise from the wide spectrum of TeachThought leadership and facilitators.

PBL Mindset for Leadership – Leaders, grow an understanding of PBL by developing an implementation plan for your school or district. 

Next-level PBL – Already built a PBL foundation? Take your PBL to the next level with more sophisticated project design, assessment and culture.

Internal Sustainability Coaching – develop internal resources to sustain and grow PBL by leveraging internal teacher-leaders and coaches.

Getting High Quality Presentations from Students – Are you ready to ramp up communication in your classroom? This workshop will empower teachers with resources and strategies to foster communication skills and get the most out of student presentations. Teachers will leave with an actionable plan for high quality presentations.

On-Site Support Visits – our PBL Specialists work in partnership with your teachers and leaders to refine and tune projects and PBL understanding, observe teaching and learning and provide feedback, and reflect and revise for future project implementation.

Leader Scheduled Virtual Visits – a great way to reduce travel costs, these sessions allow our PBL Specialists to do much of the same work as on-site visits via Google Hangouts or Skype.

Teacher Scheduled Virtual Office Hours – teachers or leaders can connect with their PBL Specialist/Facilitator to for help as the needs arise instead of having to wait until the next scheduled PD day.

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Individual/Small Group PBL Virtual Coaching

A great option for individuals or small groups seeking support and growth or even school leaders seeking to implement or sustain PBL. Schedule an hour with a PBL Specialist to connect via Skype or Google Hangout (or phone if necessary) to refine and tune projects, problem solve and ask questions, and get feedback.

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