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Do your teachers have the mindset of a maker?

Our workshops help you identify your mindset and build skills to get your students making and creating.

Developing the Skills and Mindset of a Maker

One or Two Day Workshop

educator-as-a-maker-educatorBeing a Maker Educator requires developing a new mindset; a new set of skills and roles. Discover, through this masterclass, first, a process for reflecting on making through creating circuits and hacked toys, and second, through a self-assessment, the mindset characteristics of an educator who is embracing making education. Even though educators who attend this workshop will gain skills and ideas to bring back to their classrooms, the focus is on developing skills and mindset as a maker educator.


By the end of this workshop, participants will learn and be able to apply:

  • new maker activities that can be brought to their own educational environments
  • a process for reflecting on making for the purposes of increasing learning following each make
  • the characteristics and qualities of an educator as a maker educator: lead learner, safe environment manager, relationship builder and enabler, process facilitator, resource provider, ambiguous problem finding and solving, technology tutor, feedback facilitator, tour guide of learning possibilities
  • an assessment tool for evaluating the maker mindset of educators
  • a process for identifying goals to increase one’s potential to be a maker educator

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