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Do your students truly believe that they can grow and achieve?

Our workshops help teachers build a mindset that leads to greater motivation and higher achievement.
Growth Mindset Through the Lens of Bloom's Taxonomy

One Day Workshop

Growth MindsetA growth mindset is imperative in order to be an effective 21st century educator and learner. Through experiential and interactive activities, learn strategies to increase your own growth mindset as an educator as you assist your learners in the development of their own mindsets.

This workshop uses Bloom’s Taxonomy as a foundational scaffold using inquiry to walk through the mindset experience. It will provide you with an extensive overview of growth mindset stemming from the work of Carol Dweck as you:


  • Explore a variety of definitions and perspectives about growth versus fixed mindsets.
  • Reflect on and develop your own mindset as an educator.
  • Engage in strategies that develop, build, and enhance your learners’ mindsets.

By the end of the workshop, you will understand how a learner’s social and emotional development is impacted by the growth of their brains. Walk away with an understanding of a learner’s mindset as you support them when they face challenges and hurdles through various learning experiences.

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