Do your students innovate and solve problems creatively?

Our workshops engage, inspire and provide practical strategies for growing more creativity in your classroom.

How to deliberately integrate creative thinking skills into the classroom

One Day Workshop

51u2njegsllWe know that educators want creativity in their classrooms, but often struggle with what creativity looks like in a classroom, and how to bring creative thinking skills into a classroom setting with an already packed lesson schedule. That’s why we interviewed over 100 teachers and creativity experts to find the language and tips for bringing creativity into any content area. The skills that we focused on stem from research by E. Paul Torrance and other creativity scholars. And now, we’re excited to bring key points and tips from these interviews and skills to you!

Discover multiple ways to use essential creative thinking skills in your own lessons, and reflect on how to organically integrate these skills into any subject that you teach! With this set of tools and techniques that you will be able to deliberately adopt, personalize, and run with, you will look at creativity and creative thinking in the classroom in a whole new light!

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Bringing creative problem solving tools and techniques into the classroom

One Day Workshop

Life is full of problems, no matter how old you are. How would you like your students to be able to look at the problems they are facing – in school, at home, and as a society – and see them as challenges and opportunities? Creativity and problem solving are essential skills for everyone to have. As an educator, you have been given the opportunity to help today’s youth solve tomorrow’s problems in more efficient, creative ways! Take advantage of your influence and encourage your students to be the best they can be.

This session will cover a range of Creative Problem Solving tools and techniques that you can teach your students. It will also help you understand your own personal problem solving style!

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