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Is your PD aligned with your MISSION and VISION?

From extended systemic services to workshops we help you grow and sustain quality teaching and learning.

Systemic Services

District and school leaders:

  • Reimagine systemic changes to better prepare your learners for the innovation economy.

  • Build internal capacity to coach and lead sustainable professional learning.

  • Make your PLC’s a true source of professional learning and growth.

  • Connect your school and students with the community partners in authentic and meaningful ways.

  • And more…

Our Workshops

Project-Based Learning


  • Foundations of PBL
  • PBL Mindset for Leadership
  • Internal Sustainability Coaching
  • Getting High Quality Presentations from Students
  • Individual or Small Group Virtual Coaching

Visit the PBL Workshop Page for more details >>

Technology Integration


  • Putting the Padagogy Wheel to Work
  • Using Google Apps to Transform Your School
  • Blogging and Digital Portfolios
  • Explain Everything: Visible Thinking & Learning in Your Classroom
  • Developing Inquiry in Teaching Through the ISTE Standards
  • Prime Your iPad and Ready Your MacBook: A Guide to Educator Best Practices With Apple Technologies
  • SAMR/TPACK/Technology Integration Matrix Model
  • Maximizing Self-Regulated, Digital-Age Math Stations In Elementary
  • Free Resources for Teachers
  • Cell Phones in the Classroom
  • Information Literacy for all Students K-12
  • Ubiquitous Computing & the Educational Digital Divide
  • Laying the Foundation for Technology Integration
  • 3D Printing in the Classroom

Visit the Technology Integration Workshop Page for more details >>



  • Question Formulation Technique
  • Passion-Based Learning: Genius Hour and 20% Time
  • i5 Inquiry

Visit the Inquiry Workshop Page for more details >>



  • Creating Powerful Writers
  • Facilitating Engaging Discussion
  • Creating Passionate Readers
  • Facilitating Robust Vocabulary

Visit the Literacy Workshop Page for more details >>



  • How to Delibaratively Integrate Creative Thinking Skills into the Classroom
  • Bringing Creative Problem Solving Tools and Techniques into the Classroom

Visit the Creativity Workshop Page for more details >>



  • Foundational Structure for Differentiated Instruction
  • Getting Started with Differentiated Instruction
  • Effective Differentiated Instruction Through Formative Assessment
  • Building a Culture of Student Voice

Visit the Differentiation Workshop Page for more details >>



  • Creating Meaningful Performance Assessments
  • Foundations of Formative Assessment
  • Moving Away From Traditional Grading

Visit the Assessment Workshop Page for more details >>

Maker Education


  • Developing Skills and Mindset of a Maker Educator

Visit the Maker Ed Workshop Page for more details >>

Growth Mindset


  • The Educator with a Growth Mindset

Visit the Growth Mindset Workshop Page for more details >>

Design Thinking


  • Getting Started with Design Thinking
  • Diving Deep with Design Thinking
  • Design Thinking and School Transformation

Visit the Design Thinking Workshop Page for more details >>



  • PD Alignment and Refinement Planning
  • Technology Integration into International Baccalaureate
  • Building Learning Leadership in Schools Through the ISTE Standards
  • Change Management and Knowledge Retention in Schools
  • Homegrown PD: Identifying and Leveraging Expertise Within the School
  • What can Students Learn in 1:1 Student Laptop Programs?
  • BYOD with an International Twist
  • Parenting in the Digital World
  • What does it take to be an EdTech Leader?
  • Digital Branding as a Means of Professional Learning for Educators
  • Global School: A Video Conferencing/Online Hybrid Classroom

Visit the Leadership Workshop Page for more details >>

Virtual Coaching for Small Groups or Individuals


  • Virtual Office Hours – Teacher Scheduled
  • Screen to Screen Continued Growth – Leader Scheduled
  • Virtual Coaching – Individuals or Small Groups

Visit the Virtual Coaching Workshop Page for more details >>

Combine Workshop Topics

Looking for more than just a workshop? Want our work with you to be personalized and include more than just one topic?

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