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World-Class Professional Development

Personalized and Affordable

Let’s Grow Together.

Project-Based Learning Workshops

Grow deeper thinking and learning and a culture of creating and contributing through rich inquiry!

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Tech Integration Workshops

Build capacity around great pedagogy to grow learning by finding the best Edtech to fit your purpose!

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Differentiation Workshops

Learn and use the six elements of differentiation: Content, Process, Product, Readiness, Interests and Learning Preferences to meet the needs of all students!

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Inquiry Workshops

Lead your learners by increasing effective questioning by both teachers and students!

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Growth Mindset Workshops

Develop and apply a growth mindset in yourself and your students through the lens of Bloom’s taxonomy!

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Assessment Workshops

Create engaging assessments, practical formative strategies, and learn how to assess instead of just grade!

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Literacy Workshops

Empower students through authentic reading, writing, speaking, and listening!

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Design Thinking Workshops

Empower your students and staff to innovate and collaboratively solve problems!

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PD Alignment and Refinement

Align and refine your professional development mission and vision through the lens of inquiry!

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Thank you for changing the way I teach!

-Jana McCarthy

Thank you so much for giving us (the teachers) the tools to make real education happen! Finally!

-Amy Guier

This is a must-attend workshop. It really changed my perspective on what exactly I should be teaching through my content.

-Philip Ellis

Excellent training, built confidence in teachers to further become facilitators of student learning!

-Ron Lockhart

The content is excellent and the presenter was highly effective.

-Jim Whitaker

This is effective and worthwhile professional development.

-Emilie Clemmens

I enjoyed the workshop. I am able to use what I learned in my classroom!

-Tonya Jones

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